Sculpture Enlargement

3D Echo Tech is capable of reproducing any sculpture in a reduced or enlarged size with accurate proportion detail using the latest in 3D Scanning technologies.

This is a fast and cost-effective enlargement process. This process can be used for scaling artwork to any size imaginable.

The original artwork is scanned using a hand held 3D scanner and checked for accuracy. Our team of gurus clean the 3D model’s digital file to prepare it for cutting. The 3D model is then cut on a highly accurate 3 Axis CNC or 7 Axis Robot Arm or even sent for 3D printing for small scale objects. The foam cut models are then resurfaced by the artists who use their preferred method of resurfacing.

The sculpture is then ready for the molding and casting process. This system can save the artist many weeks of work by creating an exact scaled copy of their artwork with perfect proportion. Mirror imaging of sculptures or parts thereof can also be achieved.

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