Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is defined as the analysis of a device or object to determine its structure or function.

Previous methods of doing this involved using various manual measuring devices and techniques to hand measure the part or parts and then recreating those dimensions in 3D software.
3D scanning has made it possible to accomplish this task very quickly with high accuracy and affordability.

The scanners capture thousands of measurements per second and create what is called “point cloud” data. This data is then converted to a mesh or surface models that can be used in various applications.

Our team can also create virtual 3D models from detailed drawings from which negative moulds can be cut from various composite materials (see our 3D Printing and CNC Router Services pages for more information).

What can Reverse Engineering be used for?

● Replicating parts that have no tooling or CAD data
● Documenting museum pieces
● Creating digital data of engineering mock-ups such as clay or wood
● Creating 3D data files of the human face or figure
● Medical Device fitting
● Scaling of artist’s model or sculpture
● Packaging design
● And much more

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