Custom Architectural Mouldings

Predefined architectural mouldings can already be purchased off the shelf from most of the larger building suppliers. These are used to add character to a building, to add dimension to what would be an uncharacteristic wall or space. The problem with these is that they are limited in size and they are not unique.

3D Echo Tech designs and produces custom architectural mouldings and decorations that can be made to fit the space and look the part. If you can imagine it we can design and produce it. Size is not a problem. If given the exact dimensions of your space we can design your project in 3D to fit perfectly and cut it in polyurethane foam. These can be finished to your liking. For projects that will be mounted outside we recommend an ultra violet resistant primer to protect it from damage from the sun.

Great applications for our Custom Architectural Decorations work includes:

•Custom mouldings
•3D Logo designs
•Wall reliefs
•Foyer 3D wall decorations

If you are an Architect, Interior Designer or Interior Decorator consider the potential of our custom architectural decorations and then discuss your requirement with us. We are keen to explore new ideas and projects with you.

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