3D Signage

3D Echo Tech designs and produces high-quality large-scale 3D signage. Our 3D signage designs start with determining the most likely vantage location and then designing the 3D signage and mounting to maximise viewing impact.

Polyurethane and polystyrene foam projects are coated with fibreglass and resin and finished with high-quality UV-resistant paint for outdoor display. These projects are ideal for durable outdoor building or trade fair signage and displays.

Any three-dimensional signs and products can be designed and produced or 3D scanned and reproduced at any scale. For larger projects we include steel armatures for strength and mounting. We can take on any sized project. The largest single project we have taken on thus far is nine meters.

The following video illustrates some of the design and production process for the making of our 3D signage:


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